Milton Said, – “No one wants to be 85 unless, they are 84.”

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Milton Said,


Traitors – I have read about…


Too bad the first one is a woman; Thrown out of the Nixon hearings, Partner in the Rose Law Firm, initiated Travel Gate on an innocent family; making $1,000 thousand into $100,000 with a phone call; Bimbo Eruptions; Cradle to Grave Health Care; Benghazi Libya; Mysterious Video; Outraged at Hearing; 36 month drip drip drip of emails; FBI investigation; State Department investigation; House Hearing; No major accomplishments as Senator and Secretary of State; Purse string control of Clinton Foundation; Sold 50% of US Uranium reserve to Russia; Spoke bad things of Bernie Sanders; Does NOT like the 2nd Amendment.

Arnold, Benedict

Once the hero of 11 battles in the Revolutionary War. Promoted to Major General and Military Governor at Philadelphia. Later he betrayed George Washington and the Continental Army at West Point, NY.

His deeds proved fatal to British Major, John Andre, (caught using the name John Anderson, possessing the smuggled plans, in route to the British).

Arnold was ‘a man without a country’ as a result of his actions and aspirations.

“What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.”

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Ben’s Whistles

The Whistle

by Benjamin Franklin To Madame Brillon

Timely advice for a certain party that religiously reads this blog.

– Editors Note.

I received my dear friend’s two letters, one for Wednesday and one for Saturday. This is again Wednesday. I do not deserve one for to-day, because I have not answered the former. But, indolent as I am, and averse to writing, the fear of having no more of your pleasing epistles, if I do not contribute to the correspondence, obliges me to take up my pen; and as Mr. B. has kindly sent me word that he sets out to-morrow to see you, instead of spending this Wednesday evening, as I have done its namesakes, in your delightful company, I sit down to spend it in thinking of you, in writing to you, and in reading over and over again your letters.

I too am very fond of getting away here at the International World HQ’s and snuggling down in an easy chair, preparing to read a good book, short story or Greek tragedy. Thank you, Mrs. Jeanne Fischer!

– Editors Note.

I am charmed with your description of Paradise, and with your plan of living there; and I approve much of your conclusion, that, in the meantime, we should draw all the good we can from this world. In my opinion we might all draw more good from it than we do, and suffer less evil, if we would take care not to give too much for whistles. For to me it seems that most of the unhappy people we meet with are become so by neglect of that caution.

You ask what I mean? You love stories, and will excuse my telling one of myself.

It would be very difficult for me to be an editor. I too love stories. All kinds of formats, subjects and morals.

– Editors Note.

When I was a child of seven years old, my friends, on a holiday, filled my pocket with halfpence. I went directly to a shop where they sold toys for children; and being charmed with the sound of a whistle, that I met by the way in the hands of another boy, I voluntarily offered and gave all my money for one.

I then came home, and went whistling all over the house, much pleased with my whistle, but disturbing all the family.

This last paragraph is the one most modified from the original text, before the 1900’s, This letter once said, “…pocket full of coppers…”. above. Since all changes since the 1900’s point to Woodrow Wilson supporters apparently changing the 18th century units of measure, trying to make Richard Saunders’, (Ben Franklin’s secret identity) “A penny saved is two pence dear.” into the modern progressive gibberish, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

– Editor’s Note

My brothers, and sisters, and cousins, understanding the bargain I had made, told me I had given four times as much for it as it was worth; put me in mind what good things I might have bought with the rest of the money; and laughed at me so much for my folly, that I cried with vexation; and the reflection gave me more chagrin than the whistle gave me pleasure.

This, however, was afterwards of use to me, the impression continuing on my mind; so that often, when I was tempted to buy some unnecessary thing, I said to myself, Don’t give too much for the whistle; and I saved my money.

As I grew up, came into the world, and observed the actions of men, I thought I met with many, very many, who gave too much for the whistle.

When I saw one too ambitious of court favor, sacrificing his time in attendance on levees, his repose, his liberty, his virtue, and perhaps his friends, to attain it, I have said to myself, this man gives too much for his whistle.

When I saw another fond of popularity, constantly employing himself in political bustles, neglecting his own affairs, and ruining them by that neglect, “He pays, indeed,” said I, “too much for his whistle.”

If I knew a miser, who gave up every kind of comfortable living, all the pleasure of doing good to others, all the esteem of his fellow-citizens, and the joys of benevolent friendship, for the sake of accumulating wealth, “Poor man,” said I, “you pay too much for your whistle.”

When I met with a man of pleasure, sacrificing every laudable improvement of the mind, or of his fortune, to mere corporeal sensations, and ruining his health in their pursuit, “Mistaken man,” said I, “you are providing pain for yourself, instead of pleasure; you give too much for your whistle.”

If I see one fond of appearance, or fine clothes, fine houses, fine furniture, fine equipages, all above his fortune, for which he contracts debts, and ends his career in a prison, “Alas!” say I, “he has paid dear, very dear, for his whistle.”

When I see a beautiful sweet-tempered girl married to an ill-natured brute of a husband, “What a pity,” say I, “that she should pay so much for a whistle!”

In short, I conceive that great part of the miseries of mankind are brought upon them by the false estimates they have made of the value of things, and by their giving too much for their whistles. Yet I ought to have charity for these unhappy people, when I consider that, with all this wisdom of which I am boasting, there are certain things in the world so tempting, for example, the apples of King John, which happily are not to be bought; for if they were put to sale by auction, I might very easily be led to ruin myself in the purchase, and find that I had once more given too much for the whistle.

The apples of King John (perhaps St. John) were harvested in May (St. John’s birthday) and kept in special wraps to produce a very special treat, consumed and enjoyed, after a period of two years.

– Editors Note

Adieu, my dear friend, and believe me ever yours very sincerely and with unalterable affection.


A time when ambassador’s, like Ben Franklin, were selected from the ‘best and the the brightest’ or as John Adam’s once described, “…as laudable…”. Not like uhh, like uhh, like uhh, the selection made by Obama. (Caroline Kennedy)!

– Editors Note.

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Distribution of Wealth

The TRUTH about wealth. Along with a warning about destruction. And an ominous reminder of all the structure and purpose of a centralized banking system collapsing, such as, our beloved, Federal Reserve. Presently being placed in the cross-hairs of a 20 trillion (TRILLION) dollar debt. A Senate that has NOT voted on a budget since Geo. Bush. And, a congress crippled without a budget, saddled with absolutely NO OVERSIGHT, since Obama’s inauguration. Not ideal.

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Robin Hood Lies

This is a tribute to the wisdom found in the bible and studied by the analytical mind of Milton Friedman during the decades following WWII.

Such a narrative is required to survive our economic future when one takes stock in the dismal environment progressive politicians have invoked via the Obama regime.

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No More Defense

The Pentagon January 2008

World War I was supposed to be the “The War to End All Wars”. This article presents an interesting series of events during the Roosevelt Administration, beginning on September 11, 1941.

9-11-1941 was the day the ground was broken for the new Pentagon building.

Reader Please Note: “This was exactly 60 years before the New York ‘911’ attacks on the same date. (For those of you from St. Paul, Minnesota, someone in North Africa, former Ottoman Empire Tribe(s), “Shores of Tripoli”, as my Marine buddies would say – has been fighting a ‘WAR’ that most of us do not think it is ‘right’ thinking to fight for more than a year or two.)

The Roosevelt Administration was changing names after winning election in 1932. The Army and Navy administration offices began migrating to the new Pentagon addresses in 1943.

A similar name change process occurred in Soviet Russia, after the Bolshevik revolution. They renamed their War department to, “The Ministry of Defense”, in the 1920’s.

Hitler was tooling up Germany during this time. He used defense as an argument to produce armament as he shredded the peace of the Treaty of Versialle.

In the good old USA, the War Department was destined to become, The Defense Department, in 1943.

Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Iraq and Afghanistan were each, “Police Actions”, Congress did NOT declare, “War” for any of these President presented, “Defensive actions”.


Only Congress can declare War. Usual to such a declaration is a definition of when ‘war-like’ operations would end. However when you have a Tyrant with a Phone, Palm Device and a Pen, such trivial matters are easily over looked. Leading from ‘behind’ directs much more focus on the ‘EXIT’ rather than a lasting ‘END’ to hostilities.

Brings new meaning to Political Correctness.

Maybe an old bad habit could be dropped with a promising Trump administration?

Pentagon WebSite

Trump | Tom Corwin

Wit and Humor

I have an ‘old’ Tom Corwin story to relate.

Tom was an exceptional inspirational genius from Ohio that glorified the age that he lived in.

Long before my fifty years of ‘Liberals and Conservatives’, Tom was a candidate for Congress at the time of anti slavery was becoming acute and the Abolitionists, blessed with growing in numbers, were still to weak to elect candidates at the polls. Tom who was, “Swart as Othello”, as a candidate for Congress, was asked by an eager, perhaps malicious, wily inquisitor, in a crowded room, bellowing loudly,

“Are you in favor of a law permitting colored people to eat at the same tables as white folks in hotels and steamboats?”

Tom Corbin, also known as, ‘Wagon Boy, or ‘Black Tom’, (swart – above implies dark complextion) did not follow the Scriptural injection:

“Let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay.”

That was too concise and direct for his purposes. For example; Should he answer,”Yea” all the pro slavery voters would be cast against him. Should he answer, “Nay” the Abolitionists would defeat him.

Tom responded,

“Fellow Citizens, I submit that it is improper to ask that question of a gentleman of my color!”

The crowd delirious with delight, yelled itself hoarse and the “Wagon Boy” carried the day and the election.

Donald Trump is like this Tom Corwin, a person with wit and humor, political savvy, THINKING ON HIS FEET. A person that can help us,

“Make America Great Again!”


Do Not Quit

Don’t You Quit – An

Inspirational Poem

: ”
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

DonaldWhen the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –
You may succeed with another blow.
Often the goal is nearer than

It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
Whe he might have captured the victor’s cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned inside out –

The silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”

(Via Don’t You Quit – An Inspirational Poem.)