Secret Server – Hillary Broke the Rules & Lied About It


Author: JoeNovell

If you know me as that outstanding baseball player playing center field, at Summit or Linwood ball fields, in St. Paul, Minnesota, answering to the name, "Slugger"? You are one very special person in my life! Not too many of us, left. I am still getting a few swings in, each and every day. Constantly waiting for a sweet, 'fast one' right over the center of the plate... Now if it's "Joe Novell", that you know, then this too is a good place to get be re-linked to, in a regular manner. My name was also, "John of the Rockies". Allow 20-40 minutes to visit with me if any of these urge you to re-new our acquaintance. I'll politely ask for more time when our 'agreed to', time, runs out. I know you will see some of the FUN things the internet brings to people, our age. Why all the aliases? Perhaps I could answer this question?

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