No More Defense

The Pentagon January 2008

World War I was supposed to be the “The War to End All Wars”. This article presents an interesting series of events during the Roosevelt Administration, beginning on September 11, 1941.

9-11-1941 was the day the ground was broken for the new Pentagon building.

Reader Please Note: “This was exactly 60 years before the New York ‘911’ attacks on the same date. (For those of you from St. Paul, Minnesota, someone in North Africa, former Ottoman Empire Tribe(s), “Shores of Tripoli”, as my Marine buddies would say – has been fighting a ‘WAR’ that most of us do not think it is ‘right’ thinking to fight for more than a year or two.)

The Roosevelt Administration was changing names after winning election in 1932. The Army and Navy administration offices began migrating to the new Pentagon addresses in 1943.

A similar name change process occurred in Soviet Russia, after the Bolshevik revolution. They renamed their War department to, “The Ministry of Defense”, in the 1920’s.

Hitler was tooling up Germany during this time. He used defense as an argument to produce armament as he shredded the peace of the Treaty of Versialle.

In the good old USA, the War Department was destined to become, The Defense Department, in 1943.

Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Iraq and Afghanistan were each, “Police Actions”, Congress did NOT declare, “War” for any of these President presented, “Defensive actions”.


Only Congress can declare War. Usual to such a declaration is a definition of when ‘war-like’ operations would end. However when you have a Tyrant with a Phone, Palm Device and a Pen, such trivial matters are easily over looked. Leading from ‘behind’ directs much more focus on the ‘EXIT’ rather than a lasting ‘END’ to hostilities.

Brings new meaning to Political Correctness.

Maybe an old bad habit could be dropped with a promising Trump administration?

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Author: JoeNovell

USS Independence CVA-62 sailor, circa 1966-1968. While the "Indy", (the familiar name of the hull number mentioned), is being "towed", around the horn, to Brownsville, TX), as I write this. I'm hoping for a party in the next few months as a new home, perhaps as "THE" attraction to a parking lot, or to a shopping Mall or an existing TeXas Pier? The Ranger (CVA-61) is alaready fast becoming Gillette "razor blades", as I mention this, however, at that very same Brownsville location, mentioned above. UNIVAC along with Seymour Cray, and Alex Siloti led me computer(s). DEC and Data General led me to Mini-Computer's. Novell and Micro$oft brought me into desktop, and laptop environments. Eric Schmidt (President of Novell) made me a 'Trainer', CNE, CNI and FINALLY a MASTER. Now, Eight young men in Arizona and Colorado call me, "Grand Pa" and the trout slip silently into black holes along the sides of streams and lakes where my stealthy, Nymph slips quietly by their feeding areas. As I prepare, "Yet, another, presentation." Call me, John. It will spare you the spelling of a Scandinavian 'surname'.

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