Trump | Tom Corwin

Wit and Humor

I have an ‘old’ Tom Corwin story to relate.

Tom was an exceptional inspirational genius from Ohio that glorified the age that he lived in.

Long before my fifty years of ‘Liberals and Conservatives’, Tom was a candidate for Congress at the time of anti slavery was becoming acute and the Abolitionists, blessed with growing in numbers, were still to weak to elect candidates at the polls. Tom who was, “Swart as Othello”, as a candidate for Congress, was asked by an eager, perhaps malicious, wily inquisitor, in a crowded room, bellowing loudly,

“Are you in favor of a law permitting colored people to eat at the same tables as white folks in hotels and steamboats?”

Tom Corbin, also known as, ‘Wagon Boy, or ‘Black Tom’, (swart – above implies dark complextion) did not follow the Scriptural injection:

“Let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay.”

That was too concise and direct for his purposes. For example; Should he answer,”Yea” all the pro slavery voters would be cast against him. Should he answer, “Nay” the Abolitionists would defeat him.

Tom responded,

“Fellow Citizens, I submit that it is improper to ask that question of a gentleman of my color!”

The crowd delirious with delight, yelled itself hoarse and the “Wagon Boy” carried the day and the election.

Donald Trump is like this Tom Corwin, a person with wit and humor, political savvy, THINKING ON HIS FEET. A person that can help us,

“Make America Great Again!”



Author: JoeNovell

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