How’s your Memory?


Author: JoeNovell

USS Independence CVA-62 sailor, circa 1966-1968. While the "Indy", (the familiar name of the hull number mentioned), is being "towed", around the horn, to Brownsville, TX), as I write this. I'm hoping for a party in the next few months as a new home, perhaps as "THE" attraction to a parking lot, or to a shopping Mall or an existing TeXas Pier? The Ranger (CVA-61) is alaready fast becoming Gillette "razor blades", as I mention this, however, at that very same Brownsville location, mentioned above. UNIVAC along with Seymour Cray, and Alex Siloti led me computer(s). DEC and Data General led me to Mini-Computer's. Novell and Micro$oft brought me into desktop, and laptop environments. Eric Schmidt (President of Novell) made me a 'Trainer', CNE, CNI and FINALLY a MASTER. Now, Eight young men in Arizona and Colorado call me, "Grand Pa" and the trout slip silently into black holes along the sides of streams and lakes where my stealthy, Nymph slips quietly by their feeding areas. As I prepare, "Yet, another, presentation." Call me, John. It will spare you the spelling of a Scandinavian 'surname'.

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